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Witness An Acid-Tripping Truck Driver Do A Savage Hit And Run

Welcome to the biggest 'WTF' video of 2013: what the hell caused this crash?

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ram crash Downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on an October Saturday afternoon. A motorist calls the police after spotting a Dodge Ram pick-up driver asleep at the wheel of his truck, which is stationary in the roadway. A Department of Transport worker responds, finding the incapacitated driver drooling into his own lap. He goes to remove the keys from the Dodge's ignition, but the driver suddenly awakens, protests, and roars off. This is a manual truck, by the way, so it does require some hand-and-foot co-ordination to get moving. ram driver Seconds later, the Dodge lives up to its butch name, ramming a queue of cars in a terrifying five-car pile-up. Miraculously, no-one is seriously injured in the smash. Video And then, we see the tripped-out (on acid, perhaps) truck driver dance away up an embankment, mount a barbed-wire fence, throw himself over the other side, and run away. Police are still unable to trace the dribbling suspect, or work out whether he was drunk, on drugs, simply overly tired, or suffering from some sort of medical condition. Untitled What do you guys think went on here?