Widebody Honda E Proves We Need A Type R

Innovative Composites has made a widebody kit for Honda's pint-sized EV, and it looks superb

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Honda - Widebody Honda E Proves We Need A Type R - Tuning

Remember how excited we were when Honda revealed the Urban EV concept (above) in 2017? It looked incredible with its oversized wheels, flared arches, wraparound windscreen and early Civic styling inspiration. A production version was mooted from the off, and we desperately hoped it wouldn’t stray from the show car too much.

Inevitably, of course, the showroom-ready Honda E spawned from the Urban EV toned the looks down massively. It still looked unlike anything else on the road, but having been previewed by that achingly cool concept, we couldn’t help be a tiny bit disappointed.

However, it turns out the E has only ever been a body kit and some big wheels away from looking almost as awesome. Below is a widebody conversion made by a company called Innovative Composites, and it suits the EV brilliantly.

The kit is paired with a set of white Rotiform KB1 wheels, probably 18s or 19s, wrapped in some semi-slick tyres. The finishing touch is a Red Bull livery, providing a tribute to 2021 F1 champ Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing, at the time powered by Honda. Soon, the whole kit will be remade in carbon fibre. Since the project is still in its development phase, there’s no word on how much this might cost once available to buy.

All of this serves as proof that a Honda E Type R would be amazing. One is yet to emerge, although it’s not outside the realms of possibility. A little while back Takahiro Shinya, the car’s assistant dynamic performance chief, said there’s a lot of untapped potential in the car’s current powertrain.

Honda - Widebody Honda E Proves We Need A Type R - Tuning

As a reminder, in its current form, the E is good for 152bhp and 232lb ft of torque from a single, rear-axle-mounted motor. Crank those figures up a little and make the car look a little like Innovative Composite’s E, and you’d be on to a winner.