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Why Driving A 60-Year-Old Military Vehicle Is A Horrible Experience

Doug DeMuro tries out a 60-year-old 'Ferret' armoured vehicle, and finds the driving experience to be less than pleasant...

Remind me later

The cabin of the Feret is a strange place. The armoured vehicle was manufactured by Daimler (no, not that one) from 1952 to 1971, and as shown by Doug here, it has a steering wheel that points down towards the floor, a handbrake between the driver’s legs, and a clutch pedal that doesn’t operate anything like a normal clutch pedal.

It’s also noisy, hard to see out of, and has shockingly poor brakes. As such, it doesn’t look like the most fun thing to drive on the road. But hey, it’s probably not an experience you’re going to forget in a hurry.