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Why BMW M5-Powered Transit? Because Polish Drift Van

These crazy Poles have tuned up a BMW M5 V8, shoved it in a minibus, and filmed the resulting hoon

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Source: Prime Exposures Source: Prime Exposures
It takes a pretty special van for us at Car Throttle to sit up, pay attention, and feature it on here. Fortunately, our good friends in Poland have created such a machine. It's a burnout bus, a terrific Transit: the supreme SuperVan. wicik3 Under the bonnet of this tiger-striped minibus from hell is the 5.0-litre V8 from the classic E39 M5. It's been lightly tuned up from its stock 399bhp to give 440bhp, though by the sounds of that induction snarl and the ease with which it roasts these tyres, it's surely closer to 500bhp? It's been built by Polish rallycross legend Marcin Wicik, who deals in Transit parts as his day job. The 'Drift Bus', as he calls it, is simply a logical blend of his two worlds. polish v8 van Don't imagine that this creation has simply been a case of dumping an engine in and hanging the back end out, though. Under the skin, the suspension and drivetrain have all been painstakingly adapted or custom-fabricated wherever necessary by Marcin's in-house rallycross team. There's the obligatory limited-slip diff, and a fly-off wand, too. The result is that this Transit has some serious moves - and can pull steering angles some drift Silvias would blush at. Inside, a stripped-out, caged up interior, a custom dash and a set of four bucket seats complete the picture. In short, this Transit has been built for a life of going sideways and making noise. Video