Tony Pimpo 10 years ago 0

Whoa, a Ferrari Recall: 458 Recalled Due to Catching on Fire

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Recalls are a fact of life for volume manufacturers - it happens to the best of them at one time or another. However, we aren't so used to seeing them from meticulous high-end brands like Ferrari. If you've been paying attention, there has been a lot of reports of Ferrari 458 Italias bursting into flames. Maybe it's just us, but that seems like a pretty big problem. According to information from Ferrari, it is indeed a defect, and it effects all 1,248 cars. So far, six cars have caught on fire. According to a Ferrari representative speaking with the Daily Mail: "The wheel arch assembly and heat shield, which incorporates both mechanical fasteners and adhesive may, in the case of particularly high temperatures and as a result of heat produced by the exhaust, cause the deformation of the assembly itself. Such deformation brings the assembly excessively close to the exhaust causing the adhesive used to overheat and produce smoke or, in the case of particularly high temperatures, ignite." Yikes! Not a good problem to have in a car of the 458's caliber. Especially when the owners are quite likely to be running at high temperatures (as in...driving at speed). Ferrari has designed a new heat shield that attaches with rivets, which eliminates any need for an adhesive. For all the 458 owners out there, just call your dealer to schedule a free fix.