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Which Car Will Come Out On Top In This Ultimate VW GTI Drag Race?

This drag race pits the Golf GTI Clubsport S against a 'regular' GTI, a Polo GTI and an Up GTI

Remind me later

The lower end of this drag race from Car Wow is pretty easy to predict. You’re all expecting the Up GTI to come last, and the Polo to finish a lonely third.

So, it’s a straight fight between the GTI Performance (the only version of the GTI you can actually buy right now) and the GTI Clubsport S. You’d think the limited edition, Nurburgring-conquering version of the hot Golf has this in the bag, but the boggo GTI has a little trick up its sleeve: a ‘DSG’ twin-clutch gearbox.

That means it’ll be able to use launch control for a better start, and the shifts will be quicker. So can it give the ultimate GTI a run for its money? Hit play to find out.