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When A Valeter Takes A Customer's 458 Out For A Spin, It Will End In Disaster

This Ferrari 458 needs more than a bit of spit and polish after detailer wrecks it in Portsmouth

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ferrari2 If you love cars, then detailing exotic motors allows you to get intimately close to the world's most exotic cars. When the rich and famous leave their vehicles with you, however, there needs to be trust between the two parties. One detailer in Portsmouth clearly betrayed that trust, after taking a customer's Ferrari out for a spin. Literally. ferrari1 These images were posted to Twitter by Nancy Atkinson Turner, who has used the detailer before. She believes that the driver turned the traction control off while on greasy roads, at which point his talent ran out. The speed at which the Ferrari was traveling is unknown, but judging by the extent of the damage, it's fair to say he was giving it some. When asked by Jalopnik what caused the incident, Turner responded succinctly: "I'm just going with Dick. Head."