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What Car Slang Would You Most Like To See In The Oxford English Dictionary?

If 'twerk' and 'selfie' can make it in, it's about time the motoring vernacular was better represented!

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miley-cyrus-car-twerking Apparently over the weekend, MTV held its annual Video Music Awards. While we're shocked to discover MTV still acknowledges the existence of music videos, we couldn't help but notice Miley Cyrus embarrassing herself. Why is this relevant? Well, as she licked her lips and shook her backside, it was announced that 'twerk' had been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Other notable entries included 'selfie' and 'vom', giving a detailed insight into the state of British culture in 2013. But we're concerned that the motoring vernacular is wildly under-represented, with hoon the sole example we can find.
hoon Pronunciation: /hu:n/ noun: a lout or hooligan, especially a young man who drives recklessly verb: behave in a loutish way, especially by driving recklessly
In some cases, words are already in the dictionary with wholly inappropriate definitions. For example, we care not for drifting as "a large mass of snow, leaves, or other material piled up or carried along by the wind." Nor do we care for a ricer as "a utensil with small holes through which boiled potatoes or other soft food can be pushed to form particles of a similar size to grains of rice." In these instances, you're campaigning for the addition of a motoring definition to its incomplete entry. So go forth and vote for your favourite motoring slang!