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1999 Toyota Corolla e11 Linea Terra

Toyota - 1999 Toyota Corolla e11 Linea Terra - Garage

This is my daily car.
Only a 1.3, so cheap to run.

What I have done to it:

  • emblem removed from front
  • back windshield wiper down
  • put in the meters of the Linea Luna
  • put in blue leds behind the speedometer
  • installed middleconsole of the Linea Luna
  • custom spoiler on the back
  • short antenna
  • getting the orange glow out of the front blinkers
  • white blinkers on the side
  • exhaust tip of a Subaru Forester
  • OZ Superturismo rims in powdercoated in anthracite
  • leds in the dome light
  • blue leds in the trunk
  • leds for the licence plate
  • Yaris P1 shifter top
  • handmade leather shifter-bag
  • G6- grille
  • debadged
  • installed transmitter and receiver for automatic locks
  • blue leds in center console
  • flip screen radio (still need to adjust the radio holder a bit)
  • aluminum doorstrips
  • Philips colorvisions (blue) + 6500k citylights
  • Celica T23 steering wheel
  • install foglights

What I still want to do on it:

  • wiring + clamp to open the boot from inside the car (I only have the one for the gas)
  • G6R-frontlip, in 199silver