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1979 Lada 2101

Lada - 1979 Lada 2101 - Garage
Lada - 1979 Lada 2101 - Garage

This is my 1979 Lada 2101. I bought in 2014 as my first car. I am the second owner. The car was full original but it has some rust issue. I started customize slowly with some earlier series parts, and lowered.

The springs came from a Niva and I shortened and hardened the shocks. The engine was nearly stock (first we bored up to 1300cc), until 2018, when the car was stolen. Fortunately we found within 24h, but most of the parts are missing. I lost the whole engine. the transmission, the back suspension, the cables, most of the chrome parts. The roof carpet was cutted, the whole dashboard is broken. The body has some damages too. The left and right doors are dented, the back right fender also.

So I decided to start again. Fortunately I have some spare part, and lot of people helped me.
I bought a used 1.5l engine that we bored up to 1600cc. The body gave new panels and a complete repaint. In the interior I change the dashboard, the steering wheel, the steering column, the pedal unit (for the power brake), all of the carpets. I rewiring the whole car.

On the engine bay I hide most of the cables. The engine gave a full resto. Kolbenschmidt pistons with lightened rods, a balanced crankshaft with a lightened flywheel and a Niva camshaft. The suspension also the same with a coil springs and hardened shocks. I re-piping the whole brake system and I add power brake. This took me 9 months, but I now know almost everything my car and love more than ever.