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2002 Saab 9-3 trackday

Saab - 2002 Saab 9-3 trackday - Garage

Trionic 7 engine management system.
Biopower (e85).
OEM bottom brackets.
OEM main bearings.
Aluminium intercooler 600x300 3”.
3” intercooler silicone hoses.
3” pressure pipe
3” sidepipe
4” turbo intake
880cc injectors
Holset Hy35w turbo
Forge bov
E85 fuelpump
Alu one way valves

Koni adjustable race shock absorber
HR racesprings 40/40
Stiff engine mounts
17” Dotz mugello
Hankook Ventus V12 225 fram
Hankook ventus S2 Evo 235 bak

Removed wires and fuses that are not used.
Switch for engine fan, horn,lights and so on.
Race steering wheel with red stitching.
Sparco Sprint V sport seats.
4-point harness.
3-point brace in the trunk.
Black painted instrument panel with gauges.
Ebay shift knob.

Tinted backlights.
Tinted headlights.
Tow hook in the front.
Matt black grill with red text and the swedish flag.
Remover wipers.

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