W211 owners share your experience

W211 owners share your experience - Mercedes E-Class Forum

Mine is horrible, huge regret buying a w211.

Worst reliability ever, has spent more time at the mechanic than me driving it.

Which is a huge shame because the 5.0 engine and 5 speed trans are bulletproof but the car is filled with the most stupid things ever made such as airmatic and sbc, as well riddled with unneeded electronics that just break and cause problems.

Sad that MB have to make cr4ppy cars that break so they earn more money instead of making quality vehicles, which they are very capable of.

Sure it has its upsides like the awesome engine, but its not enough to compensate all its faults. Its a heavy car but still fun in corners.

Definitely never going to buy a mercedes again, unless its before 2000. Good cars to drive/ride, horrible to own/maintain.