Alright Folks...

There has been a lot of hate going around against the “Stance” crowd.

I’m not part of the Stance scene and, frankly, I don’t really care much for it. But I have friends who do. They’re great people who spend countless hours in the garage getting their cars looking exactly as they like them. It takes just as much love and devotion to build a beautiful car as it takes to build a fast car.

Only problem is, while fast cars have objective measurements, beauty is purely subjective.
How would you feel if someone called your child ugly and useless?
Some of us think of our cars as our children and the Stance crew is no different. Respect the time and dedications they put in.

Now yes there is the matter of the whole hellaflush scene.
Let’s get this out in the open: There is a difference between a stanced car and a hellaflush “thing” … If you drive around on 20° cambered stretched tyres slammed to the point you scrape on road gravel, your car is unsafe at any speed faster than what you’d reach in a parking lot. And don’t tell me the excuse of “well I don’t track it.”
Don’t care.
You drive it on public roads: You’re a hazard to everyone around you.

(If you build a hellaflush car and trailer it from show to show, that’s fine. If you drive it on the street, I am tempted to set fire to it.)

So what have we learned?

  • Don’t hate on everything that’s different.
  • Learn the different car cultures so you don’t generalize like an idiot.
  • Say no to hellaflush.

This message has been brought to you by the voice of reason. Next week: trucks so tall, you can drive over stanced cars.

// End #rant