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Watch This Season's Latest Huge NASCAR Pile-Up Crash

Barrel-rolls, double-decker cars, and hill-Billy accents: it can only be NASCAR

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nascarcrash Even if you reckon NASCAR is just a boring parade of loud cars turning left, you can't disagree that these guys know how to have a damn good crash. The latest round at the famous Talledega Speedway saw the tightly-spaced pack entering the final eight laps ready for a multi-car showdown - when it all went horribly pear-shaped. NASCAR Try watching this video of Kurt Busch's car barrel roll onto the top of the car behind while all hell breaks loose around him and we dare you to: a) Not be stunned that everyone got out okay b) Not want to watch this, and multiple NASCAR pile-ups, over  and over again c) Not wish all racing had deep-South accents for commentary. Yee-haw! Video