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Watch This Pickup Wipe Out Two Freeway Lamp Posts, GTA Style

A drunk driver in Wisconsin somehow managed to bump their pickup onto the central barrier, uprooting two lamp posts and tossing them into oncoming traffic

Remind me later

Of all the ridiculous, inexplicable things you might see any time you get on an American freeway, this has to rank pretty highly. The (drunk, obviously) driver of this red pickup lost control, bumped up onto the central barrier and wiped out two lamp posts before stumbling back to the ground.

The lamp posts get pinged, almost computer game style, out of their foundations and into oncoming traffic, damaging cars but mercifully not causing any serious injuries. Both posts end up straddling both directions on the multi-lane freeway through Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

With all the action caught on a traffic camera, the driver was quickly traced and charged with driving under the influence.