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Watch This Jaguar XJ220 Pull A Crazy, Grassy Powerslide

Because fast cars sliding around on grass is a tried and tested viral formula...

Remind me later
jaguar-xj-220-main-drift As a self-confessed petrolhead, there are certain things I look forward to most in life: the smell of burning rubber, a deserted British B-road and a brand new video uploaded by TaxTheRich on YouTube. In the past, we've been treated to such spectacles as a tug of war between two Ferrari F50s by the supposed heirs to the Foxtons fortune and numerous other examples of wealth coupled with smile-inducing automotive insanity. jaguar-xj220-flames In their latest video instalment, the chaps behind TaxTheRich decided to wheel out their prized Jaguar XJ220, a car we once remarked was potentially the best looking vehicle ever. jaguar-xj220-sideways Instead of posing magnificently for the cameras, the XJ220 spits flames, performs a few donuts outside a barn, and in true TaxTheRich-style, does a big-ass grassy powerslide. jaguar-xj220-start-drift Will the identities behind this magnificent YouTube channel ever be confirmed? We're past the point of caring. So long as these heroes continue to taunt us with displays of opulent wealth via new videos in our inboxes, we'll be happy! Video - Jaguar Joyride
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