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Watch This Audi RS3 Saloon Destroy A Mercedes-AMG A45 In A Drag Race

Today we bring you another drag race that proves the RS3's dominance over the AMG A45 in spectacular, warbly fashion

Remind me later

As we know from ‘our’ long-term test example, the RS3 is what you might describe asflipping quick. We don’t need that demonstrated any further, particularly given that we saw a hatchback version annihilate all its rivals in a drag race last year.

But hey - we’re suckers for YouTube straight-line battles, and this effort from pits an RS3 saloon against a Mercedes-AMG A45 - one of the cars we know the junior RS model has no difficulty beating.

And… it’s another resounding victory for the RS3. But even so - the gap is far bigger than you’d expect. With 395bhp vs 376bhp the Audi has the legs on the Mercedes when it comes to power, but torque is about the same, and the RS3 is officially only a tenth quicker to 62mph.

Another case of performance stat understatement for a fast Audi? We certainly reckon so. But whatever the result, we’d take the RS3 for the five-pot noise…