Darren Cassey 9 years ago

Watch This 500bhp Ghe-O Rescue Dominate Earth's Most Terrifying Terrain

Romanian outfit Ghe-O have created the beastly Rescue help trapped humans...

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Rivers ain't no thang Rivers ain't no thang
Romania is home to the Transfagarasan Highway, a petrolhead Mecca which has risen in popularity ever since 3 old boys on some show called Top Gear hooned a trio of supercars up its winding track. But it is not just a wonderfully windy road - the vista is to die for. Mountains cut into the sky as far as the eye can see, flanked by treacherous rivers and swathes of forest.
Rescue floats to the... rescue. Rescue floats to the... rescue.
Despite its beauty, sometimes the weather gets bad, and people need saving. In this most challenging of terrain you need something special, and that's where The Rescue comes in. It's built by Ghe-O Motors in Romania, no doubt inspired by its nation's varied, terrifying scenery. The Rescue can be custom fitted with a range of accessories to take on whatever Mother Nature has in store.
Like a tank Like a tank
It can hold nearly 200 gallons of water for remote fire-fighting, as well as all the necessary pumps and hoses. Crossing rivers or flooded landscapes won't even stop the Rescue, as the wheels can be fitted with pneumatic balloons that keep it afloat. Snow? 'Snow' problem! Just chuck massive tracks on the back and you'll be riding the white stuff with ease.
This Land Rover lives. Because Rescue. This Land Rover lives. Because Rescue.
The 3.2-tonne Rescue is powered by petrol engines that put out up to 500bhp, or diesels chugging 300bhp. Despite the desperately cheesy intro to this promotional video, we still want one. A lot. This definitely makes it into our post-apocalyptic dream garage. Video