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Watch The New Toyota Supra And BMW Z5 Fool Around In The Snow

Spy footage shows the new Toyota Supra and its BMW Z5 cousin undergoing winter testing

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With the expected reveal of Toyota’s is-it-called-a-Supra-or-isn’t-it new sports car still a little way off, we’ll take any clue going right now to get an idea of what it’ll be like.

This latest spy video - showing the car undergoing winter testing - doesn’t reveal anything we haven’t already seen of the sports car’s bodywork, but it’s cool to see the ‘Supra’ getting thrown around in the snow. We also hear some of the (we think) V6’s engine note, courtesy of a particularly throaty exhaust. Is it just us, or does it sound a little gutsier than the last time we heard it?

Toyota - Watch The New Toyota Supra And BMW Z5 Fool Around In The Snow - News

The Bavarian end of the BMW/Toyota joint-venture - expected to be called ‘Z5’ - is present too. Despite being developed together, the cars should end up being very different. If the various rumours that have been flying around are to be believed, they’ll have different engines, completely different bodywork (the Z5 won’t just be a Supra with the roof lopped off, as you can tell from the shapes of each) and potentially even different wheelbases.

The BMW is thought to be powered by a range of inline-four and inline-six engines, while the top-of-the-line Supra is anticipated to get a hybrid V6, judging by the way it sounds from earlier, close-up testing footage we’ve seen.

All being well, this pair of sports cars should be saying hello to the world at the Tokyo Motor Show in October.