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Watch The Hennessey HPE750 Become The First 2015 Ford Mustang To Crack 200mph

The Texan tuning company has demonstrated what happens when you give a Mustang 774bhp by smashing the 200mph mark in a pony with its HPE750 package installed

Remind me later

If the prospect of 717bhp HPE700 seems a bit limp to you, Hennessey has the answer. And the answer is this: the HPE750 tuning package. At its heart is a 2.9-litre supercharger, and a plethora of other modifications including an upgraded fuel pump and uprated injectors, a fettled engine management system and Hennessey ‘Premium Floormats’, obviously. The result is 774bhp from the 5.0-litre V8, and a car that can top 200mph, as demonstrated by this 207.9mph run.