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Watch The Amazing Livestream Of A Guy Tracking Down His Stolen Car

Thanks to a mobile app, this guy managed to track down his Mini that had been stolen the previous day

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Getting your car swiped is every petrolhead’s nightmare, and after having his car stolen twice in two successive days with no response from the police, the victim decided to take things into his own hands with the help of car-sharing app Getaround.

The car had gone missing the previous day before being found at the side of the road with no petrol and missing the key. Having retrieved the vehicle, the owner was then dismayed to find that his car had been stolen for a second time the next morning. That’s when the owner used the app to track his car around San Fransisco to a local supermarket. The Mini owner then called the police and started a livestream of the ordeal, waiting outside until the thief had finished his weekly shop.

The bravery needed to track the car down deserves some serious respect and we’re glad to see the victim reunited with his car. Until tomorrow…