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Watch Fredric Aasbo Drift The Hell Out Of An Alpine Test Track

Champion drifter Aasbo clearly couldn't resist a little drifty session around the Milbrook test track during filming for 'Donuts from Space'

Remind me later

A few weeks ago, Formula Drift legend Fredric Aasbo wowed us all by ‘drawing’ the Toyota 86 logo by doing donuts. In a Toyota 86. Oh, and the logo was big enough to be clearly seen by a satellite orbiting Earth. Impressive, no?

It seems that wasn’t enough to satisfy Aasbo’s tyre-slaying desires, as while at the Millbrook Proving Ground where ‘Donuts from Space‘ was filmed, he felt the need to drift the entire Alpine handling course.

It’s a trickly little section of tarmac to drive at slower speeds, let alone very sideways in a 1150bhp, 2JZ-powered GT86. Kudos, Mr. Aasbo - we are not worthy…