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Watch An A90 Toyota Supra Engine Make Over 1000bhp On The Dyno

Papadakis Racing has achieved its mission to make a 1000bhp version of the Supra's BMW-sourced 'B58' straight-six

Remind me later

The BMW-sourced ‘B58’ engine used for the Toyota Supra has big power potential. To prove that’s true, Papadakis Racing - the company that brought you Frederic Asbo’s ridiculous drift Corolla and other similarly mad projects - has been hunting down a 1000bhp figure from the inline-six turbo.

Naturally, a lot of the stock stuff had to go. The reworked engine retains the standard block, but it now houses custom JE pistons and Chromoly Carrillo con-rods. At the top end, there’s a reworked cylinder head plus new valves, springs and retainers. Force-feeding all of this is a massive Borg Warner turbocharger.

We saw the heavily-modified B58 built up from scratch in Papadakis’ last video, and now it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for - the dyno test.

Toyota - Watch An A90 Toyota Supra Engine Make Over 1000bhp On The Dyno - Tuning

The run wasn’t without its issues. Initially there was an oil leak, and later on, sparks were seen dramatically exploding out of the top of the B58. This was down to the direct injectors. The Papadakis engine uses port injection instead of direct, and since there wasn’t a fuel supply to the direct injectors, the tips overheated. Things got a little melty, with compression shooting around a destroyed injector. Yikes.

The solution was to plug the holes with some metal dowels, which were fitted with the aid of liquid nitrogen. And a barbecue, obviously.

This apparently isn’t the end for the engine, although as for what it’s going to go in, that hasn’t been decided yet. Where would you put it?