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Watch A Runaway Crossover Bounce Over Another Car In This Bizarre Dashcam Video

During what we can only assume is a case of pedal confusion, this Kia Sorento is seen blasting away from a drive-through ATM before bouncing over another car

Remind me later

A trip to a drive-through ATM (yep, that’s a thing) went seriously wrong for this Kia Sorento driver. Just before Christmas, they were caught on camera rapidly accelerating away from the facility in Rockford, Illinois - with the driver’s door still open - before mounting a verge and bouncing over Hyundai.

Details surrounding the incident are scarce, although the Rockford Scanner posted a picture of the Hyundai on its 1994-spec website. Given that it was mounted by a runaway crossover, the car seems to be in remarkable condition.

As for the cause of the accident, it might have been a case of pedal confusion, although that’s only speculation at this point.

Via Jalopnik