Watch A McLaren P1 Make Sweet Love To A Snowy Track

Macca's new hypercar takes a snowbound holiday from Woking for your aural pleasure

Remind me later
McLaren P1 Establishing Back in the days before social media and YouTube, car manufacturers used to conduct private extreme weather testing with boring, intelligent people who analysed how cars survived in super hot or icy cold temperatures. With us internet media crazed kids craving content, the likes of McLaren have taken this as an opportunity to show off their new motors with epic sideways snowy action. P1 Slideways According to McLaren, the reason for paying an incredibly lucky driver to go sideways on a frozen lake is simple: "to ensure that the McLaren P1 delivers on the target of being the best driver's car in the world on road and track." Apparently their target was also to make a beautiful sounding machine, too. After the 12C's noise was originally panned by the press, McLaren must have made extra sure the P1 was on key as it has a wonderfully mechanical, guttural bellow befitting of a modern hypercar. P1 Wheelspin Unfortunately for the likes of you and I there are only 375 being delivered to customers, so you have to be incredibly rich and incredibly lucky to own one. But we don't want to end on a downer, so here's the kind of snow drifts the weathermen should really talk about. Video