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Watch A Kia Stinger GT Beat A V8 Ford Mustang In A Straight Line

The Kia Stinger GT may be down on power and two cylinders compared to Ford's Mustang, but that doesn't stop the saloon winning this drag strip battle

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On the face of it, the V8 Ford Mustang and the most powerful Kia Stinger don’t seem like the most obvious competitors, but they’re much more similar than you might realise. Depending on where you are in the world, they cost about the same. The Mustang is only a little more powerful, they’re both rear-wheel drive, acceleration stats are near-identical, and, um, they both have ‘GT’ in the name.

So, what happens when you pitch the pair into a straight-line battle? In the case of this showdown from Australia’s Motoring, it’s the 3.3-litre V6-powered Kia that comes out on top, and by a decent margin.

It also has the benefit of an extra pair of doors, plus a better warranty. But then again, it doesn’t have a thumping-great N/A V8.

Which would you have?