Alex Kersten 10 years ago

Watch A 913whp BMW M5 Do The Longest Street Burnout You've Ever Seen

When you see how long these 11s are, your reaction will be to laugh out loud

Remind me later
M5 913 1 This impressive specimen of tuned automotive madness comes from our friends over in Sweden. The BMW E34 M5 in question has been tuned - thanks the addition of a massive Garret turbo, uprated pistons etc - to 913whp (wheel horse power), which easily triples the original 3.6-litre M5's 307bhp figure. (Later E34 M5s featured 3.8-litre engines with 330bhp). M5 913 2 As you can imagine, a 913whp M5 isn't going to be able to put much of its power down at any given time. Which probably explains the longest 11s you will ever see caught on film. Thanks to 'dat power, and a light application of the brakes, this Swede manages to lay down rubber for a solid 20 seconds at speeds well over 50mph - that's almost a quarter mile of tyre smoke and spanked tarmac! Sweden. 'Nuff said. Video 1
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