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Warning: This Mercedes C63 AMG Drifting Fail Will Cause Severe Wincing

A C63 driver at what looked to be an unofficial car meet destroyed one corner of his car during an ill-advised drift attempt

Remind me later

There’s a time and a place for doing donuts in your car. Hell, the FIA even has provisions for drivers wanting to perform such stunts in its F1 rulebook, as we discussed earlier this week. This particular location, however, isn’t quite so ideal.

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Just off the road somewhere in Southern California (which, we appreciate, doesn’t narrow it down much), we have a man in a Mercedes C63 AMG doing donuts in close proximity to various people and parked up cars. Oh, and there’s a dude hanging out of the sunroof, too. Judging by the antics and another video from the uploader at the same location showing the police turning up, we’re assuming this ‘takeover’ meet is an unofficial one.

Thankfully, the fail here doesn’t involve any other cars or spectators. After giving the tyres a thorough shredding, the driver doesn’t seem to spot a massive crack in the tarmac, with the rear right wheel smacking into it.

That's not the kind of camber you want.
That's not the kind of camber you want.

The impact was violent enough to partially launch the Mercedes into the air, with the remaining intact wheels briefly leaving the tarmac. Along with a destroyed wheel and tyre, the rather sickening lopsided angle of the rim seen later in the footage suggests much of the suspension components on that corner are toast. Potentially the driveshaft, too.

Is that any way to treat the last AMG C-Class to feature a naturally-aspirated V8? We think not.

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