Common Mk5 Golf Problems

Manifold control flap and EGR valve knackered.

Random lumpy idle (no VAGCOM fault code).

Faulty coolant expansion tank and cap.

Crunchy gear change between 1st and 2nd.

O/S/R wheel bearing knackered.

Rear brake pads stuck.

Warped rear brake discs.

Door handle outside trim bits became loose.

O/S/R central locking mechanism knackered.

Broken parcel shelf lifting tabs.

Water trickling down inside rear window (from wash wipe).

Constantly high levels of humidity in car after being parked up.

Rattle from drivers side B pillar, dash vent and glovebox area.

Original 16” Imola alloys corroded incredibly badly.

Have to slam boot door to close it (and it’s not been crashed).

Faulty turbo hose seals.

Suspension drop-link ball-joints worn out.

Intermittent random safety cut-in on auto windows.

Windows creep open.

Motor brushes in small radiator fan stuck.