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1994 Mazda MX 5 NA 1.8 "Maria"

Mazda - 1994 Mazda MX 5 NA 1.8 "Maria" - Garage

“Maria” is a 1994 “transition model”, which came from the factory as a mixture of pre-and post-facelift equipment.
I bought her (that sounds kinda wrong) with two previous owners and just over 84.000 kilometers on the clock (about 52.200 miles).
She’s decently equipped, with a driver’s side airbag, power steering, mirros and windows, ABS and an (aftermarket) immobilizer.
After two years of storage the “TÜV” (mandatory inspection every two years) has expired, she got (a decent amount of) rust at the rear of the rocker panels and some other minor flaws.

Named her “Maria” because:
-I like the name.
-The first idea was “Mia”, but 9 out of 10 MX5s seem to be named that.
-I have some very vague ideas for another car that’d be better suited for the name.


Mazda - 1994 Mazda MX 5 NA 1.8 "Maria" - Garage