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1999 Toyota Corolla E11 Wagon

Toyota - 1999 Toyota Corolla E11 Wagon - Garage

Because of the baby and other possible kids in the future I wanted something bigger. Because of my love for the 99 bug eye corolla, the choice was made quickly. Technically it runs like a charm, on the outside, it needs a bit of love.

What I have done allready:

  • leather celica T23 steering wheel
  • leather gear gaitor (from the G6R) with weighted ALU shifter (custom)
  • leather handbrake lever
  • leather armrest cover
  • leather 2din radio holder with thouhscreen-gps-handsfree radio
  • spray the centre console in 196 grey
  • spray some other interior parts in 196 grey
  • white leds behind the speedometre + red needles
  • white leds in the centre console
  • Tweeter mirror caps + tweeters (rare for the wagon)
  • Hertz speakers in the back
  • G6 grille
  • remove the orange glow out of the front blinkers (chrome bulbs)
  • 6000K headlight
  • 6000K foglights
  • white blinkers on the side
  • Sprint Carib spoiler with integrated led breaklight
  • Original TTE double-tip exhaust (longer piping to fit the wagon’s lengt
  • Original mudflaps painted in bodycolour
  • Original Toyota roofrack carriers for the E11 Wagon
  • Fixed the two-tone paint on the back bumper
  • replacing side mirror caps (originals were busted)
  • receiver central doorlocking mechanism + remote
  • 2nd remote controle
  • TTE Grandstand 16” rims
  • Red G6R seatbelts, adapted to fit the wagon
  • TTE bumper
  • Tinted the rear windows

To be done:

  • repainting the bumper strips in 196 grey
  • repairing scratches on the bodywork (filling and spraying)
  • find the missing cap of the rack
  • G6R sideskirts
  • sunstrip on the front window
  • aluminum inside doorhandles of the facelift liftback/wagon
  • white leds in the numberplate lighting
  • disc-brake conversion in the back