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I'm 19 today... #kindofablogpost

I'm 19 today... #kindofablogpost - Blog

Hi All. Here’s Margaret. She’s my car. Her names not actually Margaret but that’s the first name that came into my head. She’s a 1991 Mk2 Golf that’s currently in bits on my driveway while we fix the gearbox. She’s a “rusty pile of s**t with rubbish wheels” according to most people but I don’t care about what ‘most people’ say.

I’m introducing her because last year, while I was 18, I got my license and she’s my first car. We’ve owned her for 4 years but I’m the first (between me and my brother) to pass my test and get her on the road. This is important as - also last year - I set myself a goal to own a Lamborghini by 25. Big leap, right?

I'm 19 today... #kindofablogpost - Blog

there's no such thing as "not enough time"

Here’s the reason I’m writing this… today I’m 19, and this time next year I’ll be 20. When that time comes, I’ll have 5 years to complete my goal. Most of you might think “that’s hardly any time at all!” but I’m here to tell you the opposite. Last year, I built my Instagram page from nothing to 23,000+ followers, I got my first full-time proper-salary job, I traveled to New York to chase an opportunity privately photo-shooting over $20m worth of cars…

I'm 19 today... #kindofablogpost - Blog

…I had the most insane experiences as a passenger in a LaFerrari, a Porsche 918 and a McLaren 675LT to name a few. I drove a Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 458, Porsche 997.2 GT3RS and many more. And lastly, I met loads of incredible people all from the world of cars, I’ve built friendships that will last forever and created relationships which will hopefully lead to business opportunities in the future.

Now you might be thinking, “oh look at this guy, who does he think he is?” But my point of this is to say; there’s no such thing as “not enough time”. This all hit me last night. It dawned on me as my mum stated “Enjoy your last teenage year!”. I felt I’m losing time to accomplish my goal; but this isn’t the case.

Look at what I drive. It’s rusty, it hardly ever works, I can’t afford to run it most weekends because it leaks petrol which gets really expensive, but still I get to say I’ve driven Italian exotics at 18? Trust me my lifestyle is no where near what it seems, but I still find myself doing this insane things because I follow up opportunities created by the incredible people I’m surrounded by.

I’ve realised how amazing this community is and how much my life has changed not only because of my passion for everything automotive, but because of everyone else who shares that same passion. That Huracan pictured above; that’s my friend’s, he owns a business hiring out Supercars including that car ( How did I meet him? I spoke to him on Twitter about his Gallardo at the time and now that’s evolved into him pretty much being my mentor, and very good friend. That’s the beauty of this community and how we can all work together to reach our goals. Just put your passion into practice, chase every opportunity available, and voila! You’re now a 25-year-old driving an Italian piece of art.

Cheers to the future, and I wish you all the best! Here’s a short video I put together with my friend in New York blasting around in his M3…

Please do get in contact if I might be able to help you in anyway. Have it be with discounted supercar hire, Instagram help, whatever it might be just hit me up! Peace!