Common Problems With Foxes

Quick Checklist

The body and frame—Look at the pillars by the windshield and rear quarter windows for bulges or cracks; it’s a clear sign of a shifted frame
Rusting strut towers—Check all common areas for rust, and parts that must be replaced due to rust
Leaking rear main seals—Check for evidence of oil dripping down the back of the motor or transmission
Failing clutch cables—It will be obvious, the clutch will never disengage


Foxes were built on a unibody structure, and they can be twisted and torqued after years of abuse. It’s important to check for any possible signs of twisting. It’s also important to check common areas for rust. Check underneath, check the floorpans, check the fenders, and check the T tops (if equipped).


These are older engines, so it’s important to check all the basics. Common problems include leaky rear main seals, leaky oil pans, and water pumps. Just check for various fluids at the bottom of the engine.

#Rear End

Since these cars are older, it’s common for posi units to wear out. It’s worth checking out, although repairing them yourself isn’t excessively expensive.