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Know Why you Need a classic 4L60e transmission For your Car

4L60e transmission have been in the market for past 40 years now, and they have traditionally become one of the best performing engines over the years. If you are facing issues with your 4L60e transmission, it is the right time to get it diagnosed by an expert.

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Cars have always been one of the biggest passions of human race, and just as soul drives humans, cars are driven by their transmission. And when we talk about the transmission, the best model invented till now is the 4L60e transmission by General Motors.

About 4L60e transmission:

The 4l60e transmission was launched in 1982 by the General Motors and it is the evolved kin of 700R4 transmission. The 4L60e transmission has four gears and the E in the code stands for Electronic. The 4L60e transmission was the first of its kind, as it was the first transmission to introduce the world to electronic transmission.

Since its inception in 1982, the 4L60e transmission has evolved on a regular basis and all the modern, powerful transmission systems that we today use in our speeding cars are nothing but the evolved hybrids of the classic old 4L60e transmission.

General Motors too did make their hybrid version of the 4L60e transmission that was launched in 2002, called the 4L65-E transmission and uses five gear shifts instead of four and provides an incredible 515 N m of torque.

Engines today have evolved, and many cars have moved beyond the 4L60e transmission but if you are one of those car owners who still use the 4L60e transmission and are facing problems with your transmission, here are some common issues and their solutions for you.

GM Transmissions - 4L60E Performance Transmissions

4L60E Transmissions

Problems and solutions of 4L60e transmission:

  1. If your transmission does not usually shift out of the first gear and your speedometer reads zero speed at all times, then your transmission might be facing a VSS failure. The only solution to this issue is that the rear of your transmission is faulty, and it needs to be fixed. This will help transmission to come out and will hence access the VSS.

  2. If your engine starts making sudden grinding noise out of nowhere whenever you shift your gear to second gear and even your reverse is working abnormally, the reason behind it is that the engine sunshell is fractured. In such situations, you need to get your sunshell removed and fixed. Driving your car will only make the matters worse.

  3. If you are not able to access the first and the fourth gear of your car and the transmission is automatically shifting to second and third gear, the ShiftA solenoid of your transmission has failed. There might also be a wiring problem from the engine PCM to transmission. You need to get your engine diagnosed in such a situation.

4L60E - Level 2 Transmission with Torque Converter

4L60E Performance Transmissions
4L60E Performance Transmissions

There are various other issues that your 4L60e transmission might be facing, primarily because it has worn out. Getting your transmission diagnosed by an expert is an ideal option available at your disposal as if you try to take matters into your own hand you might end up making things worse.