Next car? Anybody with experience? #LegacyGTB

Next car? Anybody with experience? #LegacyGTB - General Mechanical Advice

Hey guys!
I’m becoming an car mechanic (Location: Germany), so for my first second car (O_o :D) I’m looking for a car to take on adventures (Scandinavia, skiing in the alps, surfing, etc.)
I know it has to have AWD etc. AND me and the lady have to be able to sleep in the back. (I love wagons, current daily is a Merc S211 E320 CDI)
So as a natural choice i’m going for a Legacy! And not any normal Legacy. A japanese imported Legacy GTB Twin Turbo!!

Anybody with one on CT (or the normal Legacy III ?)
How are they mechanically? Any problems? What MPG do you get? Space in the back?

Any info form guys with experience would be greatly appreciated!