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5 Car Youtubers that deserve your time

5 Car Youtubers that deserve your time - Blog

We all have these lesser known car channels that we watch on YouTube but that just simply haven’t been found by many other petrol heads. In this blogpost I will tell you 5 that I watch religiously and that I recommend you to give a look at.
(Feel free to make your own)

1. Boqer123

Boqer123 started out as a BMX channel run by a group of teenagers but as they grew up the channel has twisted into being about cars as well as BMX, the video linked is one of the best videos of theirs which involves the group taking their cars including a MX-5, Leon Cupra and a pair of crazy Audi’s as well as a powerful modified Audi TT etc. They do what we all probably dream about doing and I never fail to laugh watching their videos.

Webisode 38: The Warehouse


MONKY LONDON is a guy from London UK (obviously) who gets his hands on some of the most legendary JDM cars out there including this crazy Skyline R34. He is a bit of a nutter and can’t help but drift constantly but his videos are great and entertaining.


3. Jamie_FYD

This guy is literally the That Dude in Blue of the UK, he gets his hands on some mental cars like the 671hp Focus RS linked but also gets to drive some of the best affordable performance cars. He reviews them with his own personal touch and also is half way through a E36 race car conversion on a serious budget.

His channel really isn’t very big but he’s a great lad and really deserves more views as he is very dedicated.

Owning A 671 BHP Focus RS, Modified Car Review

4. Nick Murray

This guy you may remember from when he made a series of videos of things wrong with his brand new Porsche but he is a New Zealander living just outside of NYC. His channel is made up of car reviews (news and classics), helicopter reviews and then just a bunch of weird but funny videos of his dogs. His channel is stuck around 65k and hasn’t seen much growth recently, but I really enjoy them with their high production quality. I’ve linked a his review on the Golf R 7 but he also does plenty of videos on his BMW M4.

2016 VW Golf R Mk7 review

5. DedicationBlog

You might have seen posts by Chris DedicationBlog on CT on his GT86, R8 and his ex M235i (replaced with a M4). The channel also had regular appearances from Si who owns an Abarth 500. The channel follows the pair as they fix or upgrade their crashed or broken cars or more recently when Chris replaced the M235i with an M4. That is the video I chose for the taster for the channel below.

BMW M4 Test Drive... Again.