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Is Aston Martin a V12 maker? #blogonawhim

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When you hear V12, you think Ferrari, Lamborghini, maybe even Aston Martin. You may think, “Nearly every Aston Martin has a big V12 now a days!” And that’d be right. A couple years ago it couldn’t of been more different. For decades practically every major Aston either had a V8 or a straight six (And in the latter years that six was closely related to a Ford unit). The first V12 came in 2001 with the original Vanquish, and that was basically two of the Sixes. That single V12 was modified through out the nearly two decades to what it is now… In the V12 vantag, Vanquish, One-77, that one four door one, and more. So personally I do think Aston is a V12 maker, albiet a young one.

What do you think?