#aboutme - Ask Car Throttle

You may be asking, “Who’s that soggy t**t in the picture?” That’s me. I might aswell do one of these.
I live in the south coast of England
I’m quarter Irish
I’m 13
My longest ever relationship was a week long
I have aphasia, which means I don’t understand certain types of language types (sarcasm sometimes)
I have three pets. 2 cats and one dog. (Atticus - Boy cat. China - Girl cat. Alfie - Boy doggo)
My favourite lesson at school is DT
I support Chelsea
Most of my friends are girls
I have about three car friends
I can only sleep when I’m cold.
I sometimes play football
My bottom lip is a twat
My favourite drink is Pepsi, in fact I once drunk 52 Pepsi’s in a day. Don’t ask.
I’m fat
I was bullied all through primary school because my mum was in hospital (I got into fights nearly every day)
I threw a chair at my teacher for insulting one of my mates
My favourite car is a Nissan 240SX and my second favourite car is an NB Miata
I get bullied because I like cars
My dream is to be a mechanic
I’m really weird
When I was born the doctors called me autistic because of my knowledge of cars
That’s about it really. Have a nice day 😁
P.S. most other people I see doing this are posting these in the Ask Car Throttle community so don’t tell me (ew u shood ov posted it off topic)