The Oldsmobile is sold! #blogpost

My first pic of her (not a very good one)
My first pic of her (not a very good one)

Yes, you read correct. The jaw dropping red coupé most of you probably saw in the pictures yesterday, beautifully bathed in soap, is now sold. In this post I’m going to explain why it was the best car I’ve ever owned, the pros and cons of owning a 30 year old GM car, and why it’s not an experience I would want to repeat.

Why I loved it so much

Oldsmobile - The Oldsmobile is sold! #blogpost - American Cars

I received this car from my Grandfather a few years ago for Christmas, it was my first car and I planned to fix it up and then drive it daily, as you can see, that didn’t happen. A lot of money, late nights, and early mornings were put into this car, that’s why I feel a bond with it, I’ve drivin it cross country three times (from California to Texas), slept in it, eaten in it, and so much more. I’ve made a lot of memories with it. And driving behind that red rocket on the steering wheel made me feel good. It’s just been an overall great car, it’s been there for me, and I felt like I had to put that back into it. But ultimately, it was just too much.


Oldsmobile - The Oldsmobile is sold! #blogpost - American Cars

Just look at it, it’s gorgeous, those swooping lines, short trunk and long hood, those square headlights and throwback styling. It’s a recipe for perfection.

It’s cool. Love em or hate em, the 80’s are back, and this car sums up that radical decade perfectly. Wether it’s the five cigarette lighters, graphic equalizer, or digital dashboard, it represents everything that was cool in the 80’s

You feel patriotic. I know it’s kinda cliche, but you feel like a true red blooded American when you drive this car. Not American? No problem, stuck your arm out the window, put Bon Jovi on the radio, and there you go.


Oldsmobile - The Oldsmobile is sold! #blogpost - American Cars

Reliability. I could tell you of the hundred times this thing has broken down, or the hundred more when it’s failed to start, after all, it is a 30 year old GM car.

Quality. Not this cars strong suit. Plastic everywhere, fake stitching, imitation metal, don’t buy one expecting a Rolls Royce.

The Ride. Do buy this car however, if you are expecting a Rolls Royce ride though, it’s pillowy soft, too soft, that’s why it’s in the cons section.

In conclusion

Oldsmobile - The Oldsmobile is sold! #blogpost - American Cars

I sold it because I don’t have the money of time to mod and maintain 3 cars. Also the man i sold it to was very nice and said he had a connection with the car that he hadn’t felt before, that gives me confidence that it will be on the road for many years to come, and if you are considering an 80’s GM car as a first car, don’t.