Basic Tips in DIY wiring repair, from a fellow DIYer

(Take note, these are based from my experience in my wiring adventure with my corolla. Feel free to add or correct me if I am wrong HAHA)

Check the fuses before anything else
Pretty self explanatory, theses blown fuses may be the reason why the a component doesn’t work. So before messing with your wires, check the fuses first.

Check for grounds
Why some lights are dimmer or doesn’t work at all? Every electrical component needs power and ground. You have power, so this means you may have a bad ground. Some grounds are body grounded, or attached to your car body, so make sure that the ground connection is not rusted, corroded, or painted.

Having the right tools REALLY helps
The things I have right now is a wire cutter and stripper, multimeter, and a mighty electrical tape. Pretty basic but I had already fixed a bunch of stuff on my car. Obviously, having the wire soldered is much better but I have no source of 220V whenever I do these things plus i have no idea on how to solder (lol maybe in the future). Anyways, having the right tools makes the job much easier and faster.

“Sometimes” rewiring the whole thing is much easier
So you had traced the wires and found out that your wires are was destroyed by some rats or the connections are too brittle and may break in any minute. It would be ideal to rewire the whole thing, if possible, as you would have a piece of mind that you have new wires and plugs.

If worse comes to worst, go to your trusted electrician
You have had diagnosing the wires for hours already and had snipped some important wires while trying to find out what’s the problem. Probably, having a fire extinguisher by your side as you travel to your local car shop to get your car fixed may be ideal at this point. Just say that your friend volunteered to do your wiring for free and he is also the reason why you need a professional’s help in finishing what your friend (which is you) had started.

This is short, but these are my current experiences so far. Feel free to add or correct me if I am wrong. Anyways, thank you for viewing this post and have a good day CTZens