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US Honda Fans Can Now Buy A Civic Type R Crate Engine

Project car builders in the US can now lay their hands on a factory fresh Civic Type R engine straight out of a crate, but it's not exactly cheap...

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Honda - US Honda Fans Can Now Buy A Civic Type R Crate Engine - News

As project car news goes, we’re pretty excited about this one. Honda has confirmed at SEMA that US car builders will be able to buy the Civic Type R’s 306bhp big-blown 2.0-litre unit as a crate engine.

Amateur racers in Europe and Asia have already had access to Civic Type R crate engines, but this is the first time that the US has had the same luxury. Honda’s full Racing Line programme has been made available to the continent.

Officially this is a system designed to provide the motor for racing use, but we don’t imagine that will stop people getting hold of them anyway for use in project builds. The price will be a pretty heavy-looking $6519.87, which is about three times what a basic comparable-output LS V8 crate engine costs.

Honda’s K20C1 is capable of some big power figures with tuning, though. Part of Honda’s SEMA display is the company’s Red Bull Global Rallycross Civic Coupe, a 600bhp monster that can launch to 60mph in less than two seconds and eat up jumps of up to 70 feet. Inspiration for your next project build, maybe?