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US Audis Will Soon Have Integrated Toll Payment Tech

In an effort to de-clutter drivers' windscreens and simplify the toll road process, certain Audi models in North America are going to be fitted with the handy tech

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US Audis Will Soon Have Integrated Toll Payment Tech - News

Toll roads in the US, Canada and Mexico are about to get a whole lot easier for Audi drivers, with a few models set to be fitted with integrated toll payment system.

The latest vehicle-to-infrastructure tech will arrive on higher-end cars first, most likely as an optional extra. An Integrated Toll Module (ITM) is built in to the rear-view mirror, from where the transponder can communicate with toll gates outside the car.

It means that there’s one less thing for thieves to try to steal from the car, but by getting rid of the usual third-party transponder it helps clear the windscreen of clutter and those rubber suckers that leave nasty circles on your glass.

The ITM system is said to be compatible with all tolling agencies across the US. It should also work in Canada and Mexico, but Audi doesn’t seem to be willing to guarantee it in those countries. Drivers using it after the roll-out later this year will be able to link it to their existing tolling account – or straight to their bank account.