Unsurprisingly, The McLaren 720S Is Way More Powerful Than Advertised

This dyno run of a 720S by DragTimes as good as confirms what we've all been expecting

Remind me later

We’ve seen enough hypercar-baiting runs from the McLaren 720S now to know that the official 720hp (710bhp) power figure is probably a tad conservative. Lo and behold, turns out the 3.9-litre, twin-turbo V8 is indeed more potent than that.

Brooks from DragTimes was curious enough to put this 720S on the dyno, yielding 691hp to the wheels. Factor in drivetrain losses, and you’re looking at somewhere in the region of 770hp at the crank.

Rolling road results can of course vary from facility to facility, and there are always atmospheric conditions to bear in mind, but regardless, this is a clear sign that the 720S is much more powerful than Woking has been letting on.

Bring on the drag races…