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Two Good Guy Cops Disperse A Car Meet With A Dig At 'Slow Hondas'

With a car meet on a mall car park showing no signs of dispersing despite closing time approaching, two cops wade in... with humour

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This is the moment a pair of extremely cool San Diego police officers broke up a car meet with a dig at ‘slow Hondas’.

Rolling into what looks like a pretty big car meet on a mall car park, close to the property’s closing time – after which people can start getting arrested for trespassing – one of the officers speaks out over his loudspeaker system.

The video, originally posted on Reddit, starts mid-way through his instructions, but as well as the calmly-delivered threat of arrest he says:

“You don’t have to go home but you gotta get out of here… especially if you drive a slow Honda.”

Two Good Guy Cops Disperse A Car Meet With A Dig At 'Slow Hondas' - News

The crowd has a giggle at that. Fair play to the cop for having a little fun in getting the message across instead of going in all guns blazing, if you’ll forgive the obvious and deliberate metaphor. Moving on down the gathered car enthusiasts, the officer isn’t yet done with the funnies:

“If you drive a V8 I’ll give you a two-minute head start. The rest of you gotta go!”

The police get a bad rep at times. You may not always agree with the rules, but that’s no reason to take out your frustration on law enforcers. There are a lot of good cops out there. It’s nice to see two of them in action.

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