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Try Not To Cry As A Ferrari 250 GTO Smashes Into The Tyre Wall At Goodwood

The classic car action at Goodwood was punctuated by a nasty shunt for one of the most valuable cars in the field, after an incident involving Top Gear's Chris Harris

Remind me later

We post this video completely in the knowledge that there are worse things happening in the world, but the sight of a very rare Ferrari 250 GTO/64 racer suffering an ugly crash while on track at Goodwood should leave you struggling for breath.

The GTO, piloted by Andy Newall, was leading the qualifying standings ahead of a race at the Goodwood Revival over the weekend, when the driver was forced to take evasive action after a certain Chris Harris of Top Gear and that Ferrari 458 video fame braked earlier than expected for Woodcote.

Ferrari - Try Not To Cry As A Ferrari 250 GTO Smashes Into The Tyre Wall At Goodwood - News

Newall was attempting to take the inside line, but as Harris closed the door the speed differential was too great to scrub off with the (very) old brakes, and rather than take two cars out, Newall steered away and off the track, causing significant damage to the rear corner and all down the right hand side.

The owner can probably afford to get it repaired, to be honest, so we won’t cry for him. We can’t help shedding a tear for the poor car, though. At least the bill is likely to be a lot cheaper than the invoice for the special LaFerrari Aperta that sold at auction over the weekend…