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Toyota’s GR Supra 3000GT Concept Resurrects A 1990s JDM Legend

Toyota will headline its SEMA stand with a modified A90 Supra created from TRD catalogue parts, and it will channel the spirit of a cult icon, the 1994 A80 Supra TRD3000GT

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Toyota is about to show us what kind of GR Supra can be created just by sticking to parts from its TRD catalogue. Spoiler alert: it looks like it’ll be cripplingly good-looking.

The firm has recreated the 1994 A80 Supra TRD3000GT, the car that arguably cemented the A80’s place at the heart of the modding scene forever. The SEMA star will be a new, A90-based head-turner; the spiritual successor of the A80 version that itself had been inspired by motorsport tuning parts.

Toyota’s GR Supra 3000GT Concept Resurrects A 1990s JDM Legend - News

The new GR Supra 3000GT has a similar four-vent bonnet design, a huge rear wing and that irresistible shade of steely grey. TRD’s YouTube channel released a lengthy teaser video showing just a few of the new kid’s angles along with phrases that formed part of the design (or marketing) objectives, like ‘history’, ‘monument’, ‘total balance’, ‘succession’ and ‘progress’.

Few details are being confirmed before the full reveal on November 5. The GR Supra 3000GT name is about all we can expect until then. It’s not yet known whether there have been any performance tweaks but the borrowed BMW engine has proven strong in the hands of tuners. We expect Toyota will have left it at 335bhp… for now.