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Top 15 Awesome Driving Roads

Bored with your local B-road? Check out our definitive guide to the Top 15 Awesome Driving Roads from the UK and across the globe

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15. B4520: Buith Wells to Brecon
Situated in the heart of Wales, the B4520 features sweeping curves linked together over undulating, mountainous countryside. 14. Halsema Highway Not for the faint hearted, the Halsema Highway in the Philippines clings to mountainsides that offer stunning views and treacherous drops. 13. Conor Pass Conor Pass in Ireland is the perfect way for a car guy to see the stunning views the island has to offer. 12. Amalfi Coast Negotiate the tight twists and turns and survive the enthusiastic local drivers of this Italian coastal road and you'll be treated to some of the most beautiful scenery you could ever wish to see. 11. Tianmen Mountain The Tianmen Mountain region of China is truly stunning, but you'll need to concentrate on the road as you negotiate hairpins and snaking curves. 10. Route Napoleon This is the route that Napoleon took in 1815 on his return from exile in Elba, so it's steeped in history. Features include the standard brake-frying hairpins and twisty tarmac weaving through stunning scenery. 9. Trollstigen (Troll Ladder) The Troll Ladder in Norway is famous for its 9% incline and 11 hairpins which should test your skill as well as your car. 8. Black Mountain Pass West of the Brecon Beacons National Park is this beauty of a road. Made famous by Jezza C on Top Gear thrashing a CLK 63 AMG Black Series along the route, it features a nice mix of tighter turns and sweeping bends. 7. Isle of Man TT Route One of the most iconic road races in the world is right on our doorstep, the Isle of Man TT route features nearly 40 miles of jumps, narrow streets and wide open country roads. 6. Pacific Coast Highway The PCH, or Highway 1, is one of America's most beautiful and varied road trips. At 2500 miles long, it takes in famous places like Laguna Beach and a trip over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. PCH is also a great drivers road as the black top weaves its way along the coastline. 5. The Evo Triangle Made famous by Evo magazine as its perfect test route, the Evo Triangle encompasses three roads in North-Western Wales that test everything a car has to offer. Bumps and flats, long stretches and tight turns, the triangle has it all. Head to Cerrigydrudion (good luck asking for directions) as it's at one corner and should prove the perfect base for hoonery; there are very few boring drives in this part of the country... 4. Nürburgring Nordschleife You may be surprised to see a race track in this list, but the Nürburgring is technically a toll road. The only reason this motorsport icon isn't higher on the list is because you'll always be stressed looking out for blind crests hiding corners and nutters in Ferraris. But there's no denying this is a must-do for everyone, ever. 3. Stelvio Pass Another mountainside road, this time in Northern Italy, and another combination of rubber-destroying hairpins that will give you the time of your life. The only downside is you'll have to be on the look out for cyclists and mental locals, but get there early and you'll enjoy your own private race track. 2. Transfagarasan Another road made famous by the boys at Top Gear, the Transfagarasan (or its slightly less exotic official name, National Road 7C), is a perfect amalgamation of epic scenery and awesome driving roads. Caning it through the valley with towering mountains either side means 100% visibility of the road ahead, leaving you free to take the racing line at every opportunity. Then climb the mountain and take in that view. 1. Col de Turini Featuring in a stage of the Monte Carlo Rally, the Col de Turini is known as the'Night of the Long Knives' thanks to the bright rally lights cutting through the darkness. Fast, dangerous and super twisty, this will test every shred of nerve you have.