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Top 10 V8 Monsters You Can Run On LPG Holy Water

If you love a honking V8 (don't we all), then LPG is the only affordable answer. Here's the CT guide to 10 of the best LPG cars you can run on the cheap

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Audi S4 As the Americans will tell you: "there's no replacement for displacement." They say this - with a smirk - because fuel in America is cheap. Very, very cheap. In fact, 1 litre of petrol in the United States costs $0.97 per litre, compared with the UK's $2.17. And that's simply too bad for us Brits. But there is another way for us to enjoy big V8 displacement engines at a fraction of the cost... All you need is a car that features three magical letters: L, P and G – Liquid Petroleum Gas. You may have heard of this before, but not investigated the benefits. Chances are also high you've seen a whacking great Rangie roar up to a petrol station and use that special pump connected to an oddly placed filling connector at the back of the car. The driver of said vehicle was probably looking smug. And do you know what? He has every right to be, because he’s filling up his motor with the motoring equivalent of half-price holy water. Range Rover LPG currently sells in the UK for an average price of 72.5p a litre, whereas regular unleaded is 133.3 . This mean that yes, you too can afford to run your very own V8 leviathan. And don't worry about not being able to find LPG either as it's available from over 1400 forecourts across the UK. Seeing as you're now warming to the LPG lifestyle, here are 10 used V8 LPG cars that we are sure will get you looking in the classifieds quicker than flies to the proverbial:

1. Audi S4 Quattro 4.2 V8

Audi S4 Let's start with the ferocious V8 S4. Despite four-wheel drive, 344bhp and 62mph in 5.6 seconds, you'll need no more fuel pennies to hand than a bloke called Simon in his VW Golf rep-mobile. The S4 is a brilliant all-rounder and a sure-fire way to eat up the miles with ease. An 2004 example with LPG can be yours for under £9000, which makes this super saloon a seriously tempting buy.
Average economy: 21.1mpg Petrol powered: 28p/mile Running on LPG: 15p/mile

2. Cadillac Escalade 6.0 V8

Escalade P Diddy, Puffy, Puff Diddly, Tim Westwood: they all drive ‘Slades’ because they don’t need to worry about its horrendous 18.9mpg average fuel consumption or the fact it costs £155.61 to brim its 117-litre tank with jungle juice. Back in the real world however, an LPG-adapted example will set you back around £15,000. You’ll still be looking pimpin’ but you’ll have more money in your wallet for those all-important black-out window tints, or in Tim Westwood’s case, board and lodging money for his Mum.
Average economy: 18.9mpg Petrol powered: 32p/mile Running on LPG: 17p/mile

3. Daimler Super V8 4.2 Supercharged

Daimler Perhaps another forgotten car lost in the pages of automotive history, the Daimler derivatives were the equivalent of the Tesco Finest Jags and incorporated deeper refinements and tweaks over the normal XJ on which it was based. The supercharged 400bhp engine is the very same used in the XJR, meaning a sprint to 62mph in 5 seconds. Prices for a 1998 example cost only £4250.
Average economy: 23mpg Petrol powered: 26p/mile Running on LPG: 14p/mile

4. Dodge 5.7 V8 HEMI Laramie Pick Up

Pick Up If you’re and out-and-out bonkers bloke and you're looking for an out-and-out bonkers car to go wherever it'll fit, then say hello to your next car. The name Laramie probably refers to the boy-racer red colour of the famous American cigarettes, or it might be hinting at just how bad this car is for your health. But with this tank of LPG magic onboard, the running costs don’t look nearly as damaging. This 2005 example could sink into your driveway for £14,995.
Average economy: 15.5mpg Petrol powered: 39p/mile Running on LPG: 21p/mile

5. Ford F-150 5.4 XLT Pick Up

Raptor The F-150 is among the best-selling vehicles ever in the US. We sourced a 2010 Raptor 4dr for £33,500. While that sounds pretty steep, consider its exclusivity here in the UK, plus the fact that it comes with a 310bhp, 5.4 V8 that'll launch the F-150 to 62mph in 8.2 seconds. Yeeeee ‘haw.
Average economy: 17mpg Petrol powered: 33p/mile Running on LPG: 19p/mile

6. Jeep Grand Cherokee 6.1 V8 SRT-8

Grand Cherokee If a V8 GC appeals, then why not make it the stonking 6.1-litre SRT-8 version, complete with a frightening 419bhp at your disposal, and 62mph time of just 5 seconds. A typical 2007 example will set you back under £14,000.
Average economy: 17.5mpg Petrol powered: 34p/mile Running on LPG: 18p/mile

7. Range Rover 4.4 V8 Vogue

Range Rover Eco-lobbyists, disgruntled city-dwellers, G-Wizz lovers and others hate Range Rovers. Why? Jealously probably, because they can't afford to run one of these regal beauties. But with increasing Rangies being sold with LPG conversions, you too can become a member of the automotive landed aristocracy. A 2003 model will set you back no more than £8000.
Average economy: 17.4mpg Petrol powered: 34p/mile Running on LPG: 18p/mile

8. Land Rover Discovery 4.4 V8

Discovery This tough, robust and proven 4x4 comes with seating for seven passengers, making it the most accommodating and family-friendly car in our line-up. It pretty much has it all: handsome looks, performance, practicality, and with LPG fitted, it also has real-world everyday affordability. A 2005 LPG Disco can be yours from around £9000.
Average economy: 18.8mpg Petrol powered: 32p/mile Running on LPG: 17p/mile

9. Lexus LS 430 V8

Lexus True Lexus V8 wafting on the cheap is very doable. An eight-year-old example will set you back no more than £5k (the same as an approved used Polo diesel) and an LPG conversion will keep fuel costs down. If you go for the higher trim levels you can expect goodies like heated and cooled massaging seats, voice-controlled navigation and a spanking Mark Levinson audio system. It uses the silkiest of silky smooth V8s, and with 278bhp on tap, manages to hurl its two-tonne body to 62mph in 6.7 seconds.
Average economy: 23.5mpg Petrol powered: 25p/litre Running on LPG: 14p/mile

10. Mercedes CL500

Mercedes How’s this for value: a 2001 (Y-reg) CL500 with LPG, 306bhp and 0-62mph in just over 6sec can be yours for under £4000. Bargain? You bet it is, especially as these cars were based on the S-Class of the time, meaning you get lavish kit such as Active Body Control suspension, bi-xenon HID headlights, and soft-close doors.
Average economy: 21.1mpg Petrol powered: 28p/mile Running on LPG: 15p/mile
LPG - the facts 1. Because the car will be listed by the DVLA as ‘bi-fuel’ instead of just ‘petrol’, your road tax will be reduced. 2. Although fitting LPG is technically a modification, it shouldn’t increase your insurance premium. 3. Make sure that when you buy, you receive all the paperwork confirming that the LPG system was installed by an approved UKLPG technician. 4. When you drive up to an LPG pump, people will wonder what it is you're doing. This will make you a local celebrity every time you fill up. #Winning. This post was written by freelance motoring writer Rory Mackenzie.