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This Twin-Engined Octavia Is The World's Most Extreme Skoda

This is easily the most exciting Skoda we've ever seen...

Skoda Octavia VRS Bimoto How do you make a Skoda Octavia more exciting? That's easy, just stick an extra engine in the back. This unhinged monster created by Ghita Silviu from Romania runs two highly-tuned VAG 2-litre TFSI engines. The one in the rear puts out around 330bhp, and the one at the front an even more extreme 460bhp. That's a combined figure of nearly 800bhp. In a Skoda. Skoda Octavia VRS Bimoto Both engines work independently of one another, both with their own cooling system, air intake and clutch. Each unit powers its nearest axle, making this Octavia four-wheel drive. Skoda Octavia VRS Bimoto All this makes for one devastatingly fast Octavia. 0-62mph apparently takes just 2.5 seconds, and it'll smash past 120mph in 9 seconds. If you want to see how fast that looks, just take a look at it tearing up a drag strip in the videos below. Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

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  • Saw this one live at a drag race, and it really is mental. proud romanian

    And don’t forget, us romanians also have, as far as i know, the most powerful R35 in europe -1500bhp. Try and google Exelixis GTR

    8 months ago