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This Toyota GT86 Driver's 90 Mile Drift Is A Guiness World Record

German drifter Harald Müller set a world record by drifting a GT86 for two hours and 25 minutes

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Holding a slide for any amount of time takes a little skill, but keeping up opposite lock for almost two and a half hours? That must require some incredible oversteer expertise. Clearly, German drifter Harald Müller has exactly that know-how, as he’s managed to keep a modified Toyota GT86 sideways for a whole 89.55 miles, belting round a titchy 0.14 mile circuit hundreds of times. The attempt - performed on a wet circuit in Turkey - was enough to a earn Müller a Guiness World Record, eclipsing BMW’s 51.2 mile drifting effort from last year (see below).

Source: Jalopnik